Lee Froese

Web Developer

Twenty Twenty Two

Apparently the year is 2022. While it's been just over a decade since I graduated from college, it feels like yesterday at times. 2021 had it's ups and downs like it did for many, and I'm very thankful for my family. We:

  • sold our townhouse in Victoria, BC.
  • bought a house via FaceTime in Winnipeg, MB after several offers.
  • drove halfway across the country during the third wave of the pandemic.
  • lived with my folks for 6 weeks until we got our new home.
  • had our second child, a beautiful daughter.
  • enjoyed 4 months of parental leave together.

Looking ahead to this new year, my goals for the year are to learn more about newer facets of web development, be a good dad, and renovate our home. I've been building WordPress sites for a long time now, and I feel the need to branch out more lately. Hopefully some decent blog articles will come out of my explorations this year. If not, I could probably write a couple on the renovations we're planning on doing to our home.

Here's to another year around the sun. Be kind to each other.